Below you may find some sample of our work

EPRD has extensive experience in design, creation, management and hosting of project websites, which are up-to-date, user-friendly, functional and informative.

Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) Support team”.

website1We have created a website, which encompasses multiple functions. It serves as Registration Online Platform for event participants, which significantly simplifies and accelerates the process. So far, 314 people have used the platform to register for various DEAR events.

website2One can find on the website an interactive map and the database of DEAR events. They are available at: The layout is visually appealing and intuitive, which makes the website accessible and easy to use.
Moreover, the website is equipped with a designated authorization system, which introduces limited or no access to certain information, such as users’ personal data, designed by EPRD in-house IT team.

Another recent example of the design and production of a website is the EPRD project ‘Entrepreneurial learning in BiH education systems – Phase II’, whose webpage was launched in 2014, to maintain general and continual communication with public and increase visibility.
website3The website is available at As of October 2015, total number of impressions on different forms of the Internet amounted to 33,634,448 (at the 10 web-portals totally 4,955,870 impressions were achieved, number of impressions achieved at Google Ads were 21,731,738, while at FB Ads was achieved 6,946,840 impressions).Taking into consideration the success of the website, and upon the beneficiaries request, EPRD rendered the website permanent.
EPRD also utilized other ways to increase visibility of the project, such as advertising and announcements on local portals, online marketing with the use of Google AdWords, and Facebook promotion

EPRD has an extensive network of graphic design specialists and companies, with whom it has collaborated on numerous projects. The enterprises in the network have been carefully chosen and provide professional services of the highest quality. EPRD closely cooperates with them on every step of the creative processes, providing regular supervision and recommendations in order to achieve the expected outputs. Therefore, we are prepared to accommodate to any visual and communication-related requests submitted by the Contracting Authority.

For each of the project promotional materials, such as notebooks, folders and pencils are designed, printed and distributed to users. Doing so EPRD expands the visibility of graphical identity of the project so that the target groups recognize project results and activities through unified graphical materials. For example, within Entrepreneurial learning in BiH education systems – Phase II 500 promotional pieces were produced.

All visibility and communication materials produced by EPRD meet the criteria presented in Communication and Visibility Manual for EU External Action.


Most TA project implemented by EPRD have their individual, custom-made and prudently created logo. Some of the examples of logos are given below:

logo1 “Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) Support team”
logo2 “Support to social service providers and enhancement of the monitoring capacities in Bosnia and Herzegovina”
logo3 “Strengthening capacity in BiH for human resources development”


In the project “Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) Support team” EPRD produced a 2-page folded leaflet available in 24 European languages in the pdf format.

In a pledge to reduce the amount of paper generated, DEAR events are paper-free, thus the leaflets and other visual materials are not printed out. Instead, all visibility materials are available electronically.

Leaflets3In “Assistance for Maximizing the Effectiveness of the Policy Forum on Development” EPRD developed a number of visual tools, i.a.a leaflet in the form of a 1 pager to be printed recto verso and folded (A5 layout) and available in 3 languages: EN, SP and FR.


Promo Sheets

In the project “Support Facility to EU Delegations in the update, implementation and monitoring of their Country Roadmaps for Engagement with Civil Society Organisations” we designed an elaborated 4-page Promotional sheet, which has been used by the Key experts during various conferences and seminars in order to raise awareness of the Roadmaps Facility among the representatives of CSOs and LAs.
The 2-sided colour folder is in the A4 format. As of March 2016, 250 copies were printed for distribution.


Under the project “Support Facility to EU Delegations in the update, implementation and monitoring of their Country Roadmaps for Engagement with Civil Society Organisations” EUDs worldwide may request EPRD team to prepare brochures with the information regarding a given country’s CSOs situation. The brochures are produced in various languages, depending on the needs of a given EUD and actively distributed among the stakeholders. They aim at awareness-raising about the RM process and encourage people to get further information by directing them to relevant websites and Facebook pages.




Within the project “Assistance for Maximizing the Effectiveness of the Policy Forum on Development”, the newsletter was designed as a simple and easy to share tool to give due visibility to the strategic objectives of the PFD and market capacity4dev and encourage people to access its contents. The newsletter, in three languages (EN, FR, ES), contains the agendas of PFD meetings, summaries of podcasts, videos, and events connected with Policy Forum on Development and then direct people to capacity4dev for full versions.

Pic. The last page of the second issue (Dec. 2014)
Pic. The last page of the second issue (Dec. 2014)

Pic. The 2nd page of the first issue (Sep. 2014)
Pic. The 2nd page of the first issue (Sep. 2014)


In the project “Entrepreneurial learning in BiH education systems – Phase II” 2 banners were made in 3 languages (Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian), and displayed during events, project activities, as well as used for online marketing.

ban3In “Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) Support team” 1 man-size banner ‘skin’ was designed and printed aiming to be used in all DST and DevCo/B2 implemented events, increasing visibility and institutional representation of the EU DEAR program.

TV Promotion

Project “Entrepreneurial learning in BiH education systems – Phase II” was also promoted with the use of TV. Two short TV telops were created including all creative solutions (idea, slogan and messages, scenario, graphic solutions, production and postproduction). The spots were broadcasted totally 101 times: on Federal Television 50 times in prime-time and 51 times on Republic of Srpska 50 times in prime-time (before central news at 19.30) during the period of 6 months.

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